UNE Secondhand Bookshop

Trading Hours: Monday to Thursday from 9.15am to 3pm

Welcome to the UNE Secondhand Bookshop. If you browse our site you will be able to

  • View our growing online catalogue of books in stock, Lodge an order via email,
  • Check you own account to see which of your books have sold,
  • View our policies as they relate to the Secondhand Bookshop,
  • Complete a lodgement contract for books you have to sell,
  • And remember....We do mail orders for our distance students.

Be Smart Save Money

Our books are priced at least 30% lower than the recommended retail price for new books.

The ISBN Number shown on the plastic wrapper in shrink wrapped or value pack texts is not the ISBN number on the enclosed book(s). Always check with your Course Coordinator, you may be able to use an earlier edition of the book you need. When checking online ensure you enter the exact title, otherwise search by Author.

Postage Rates

  • Free for orders up to $20
  • $5 for orders $20-$100
  • $10 for orders $100-$300
  • $15 for orders over $300

Overseas postage will be charged at APO rates

Bookshop Online Search


1. Hard cover and soft cover books, although identical, have different ISBN Numbers.

2. The full title of the book must be entered when searching by title. Searching "Computer" will not bring up the results for books with a title "The Computer".

3. Don’t use ISBN numbers.  Most new books are wrapped in plastic and the plastic sheet has its own ISBN.

4. Search by Author and edition or use the exact title or the first three words  of the title.

5. If we have an earlier edition, check with your Course Coordinator – you may be able to use it and save more money

Before you buy your books brand new, check if the Secondhand Bookshop has it in stock. You will save at least 30% of what you would pay for a new book. Once you have established what textbooks you need then it is time to search our online database.

If you are unsure of the textbooks you need, visit the UNE Texbook Information

Please note that the Secondhand Bookshop has a no return policy - it is your responsibility to make sure the books you are purchasing are still on the required reading list.

Next, search the Secondhand Bookshop online database for the text books you need at  UNE Secondhand Textbook Search.

Textbooks can be purchased in person at the Secondhand Bookshop, or by email to Please include your telephone number in any emails.

Selling Your Current Uni Textbooks

In order to sell your textbooks, you must first ensure your books are current by checking the UNE Textbook Information. All books are sold on a commission basis.

Having established that your text books are current, the next step is to read the policy and procedures that relate to the Sale or Purchase of books at our Agreement for Sale of Secondhand Books .

Books can be lodged for sale at the Second Hand Bookshop either in person or by mail. All lodgements must be accompanied by a completed Agreement for Sale of Secondhand Books - a copy of which is available to download below.

Once you have an Owner Contract for the sale of your books, it is possible you, the owner, to monitor that sale at UNE Bookshop Contract Search